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Creative Writing

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Creation and development of stories, songs and images to transport the reader into a fantasy world of which he or she is the main character.

Featured Service

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Imagine being able to lift a book, and being a character inside of it, a story based completely on you. This is now an affordable reality. Whether it is for yourself or a loved one, we assure you it is a unique product that you and your loved ones will be able to hold onto and read again and again.

First we collect information through our questionnaires on the person that the book is going to based on. We use this information to begin writing our stories. Price varies depending on your specifications. In the end he or she will have a book that will take him or her on a journey, a journey custom made based on his or her likes and interests.

We hope to provide a unique experience, offering something more than a fill the name in the dotted line concept. This entire story, characters, and the world they live in is inspired solely by yourself or the person of your choosing. It's a great gift for children, spouses, parents, really anyone who has ever enjoyed reading a book and imagined themselves in the story.  

“If you were a true adventurer, these would be more than stories. These would be your experiences. You would have seen it with your own eyes.” 




Let's get started.


First thing's first, request and fill out our questionnaire. 

Once we have received the information we will be hard at work creating your very own book or an unforgettable gift for your loved one.


Note: Please allow 60 days for the creation of this product.

Rush jobs may be accepted, and higher rates may apply due to rush printing and shipping.

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