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Translation Services

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We can help with a letter, a book, a song, a website, a contract, or a technical operation manual – among other things. 

Featured Service


You can trust on IdioMasters to provide you with the most reliable translation in a timely manner at very competitive prices.


Our experienced translators are comfortable in a variety of texts, ranging from brochures and websites, to technical, commercial or legal documents.

We offer human-only translations, aided by the latest software, and we have thorough proof-reading policies to ensure an accurate translation made all while keeping the target audience in mind.   

Translations are prepared in accordance with the United States regulations and include:


  1. Two copies of the translation on official company letterhead paper showing the name and address of the translation company.

  2. The complete word for word translation of the original text formatted as closely as possible to the original text.

  3. USPS Priority Mail Service within the United States and a PDF copy of the translation

  4. A "Certificate of Accuracy" signed by a company representative attesting that the translated text is an accurate and complete translation of the source document (original must be physically available for verification).

  5. Free notarization available upon request (English-Spanish/Spanish-English only. Original must be physically available for verification)


Types of translations


Include Birth or Marriage Certificates, School Records, Diplomas, Letters of Recommendation, Business  Cards, Postcards or Greeting Cards, Songs, etc. 

Documents that are short and fast to translate.

Fixed rate applies.

Large Documents

All other documents should be submitted in text files, pricing is determined by: 

  1. The number of words

  2. The Source and target language

  3. Urgency of the delivery

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