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After School Classes


Throughout the regular school year, you can trust in IdioMasters to help your children or teenagers (ages 5 to 17) learn a second language in a fun and safe environment with experienced instructors and effective programs.


Our after school classes follow the school districts’ calendar for holidays and seasonal breaks


Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 4:30 to 6:00 PM.

Length:      10 months (School year)

Spanish After School


Given that San Antonio is a city where the Hispanic community is very present, most of the locals are interested in having their children learn Spanish.

We are currently offering Spanish in two different modalities:

Discovery mode – For students who will learn Spanish for the first time and therefore, have no previous knowledge of Spanish. In this mode, we focus on making the student acquire vocabulary and learn pronunciation, as well as basic grammar structures and general culture.

Perfecting mode – For students who have studied Spanish before, attend a bilingual school or come from households where Spanish is spoken. In this mode, we focus on helping the students gain confidence in Spanish at the same time we deliver lessons to improve reading and writing skills, spelling, advanced vocabulary, proper speaking, and culture of Hispanic countries. 

Spanish kids

Other Languages After School


For those whose interest isn’t Spanish, we also offer several other languages such as French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese, Arabic, Hindi and more.


Other languages are subject to student demand. We open a group with at least 4 children enrolled. Please contact us for information on the languages we will be offering during the next school year or to be put on a waiting list.

Geography Lesson

Summer Classes

Our Summer Classes are a great way to help your children get exposed to a second language in amusing full immersive classes this summer. 


Watch your children learn or improve in a second language through our exclusive programs. We focus on teaching communicative Spanish or English to get the most out of your children during this summer break from school.


It’s time to make new friends, have fun and great experiences; we understand that and strive to provide educational activities to satisfy parents through learning results and our students by meeting their expectations for a fun summer.


Our classes

  • Allow the opportunity to practice the language in real-life situations

  • Are focused developing conversational skills

  • Were created around the students’ interests, level and needs

  • Use materials relevant to each age group



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